Thursday, 13 March 2014

by Jost Houk

The Capitol Dome Rise


The Orange glow of the sunrise of the United States Capitol Building.

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Inauguration Sunrise As Painting


The sunrise over the US Capitol building on Inauguration Day January 21, 2013. This has a brushstroke finish to look like a painting> I also offer it as a Photo, Please see Photo for see other listing.

Inauguration Sunrise As Photo 


The sunrise over the US Capitol building on Inauguration Day January 21, 2013. This is a Photo> I also offer it as a Photo Painting see other listing.

Inauguration New Horizon


I took this shoot as the sun was raising over the Capitol on the Inauguration Day for the second term of President Obama.

President Obama Inauguration


US Capitol Building in Black and White with colored Flag to remember the 57th Presidential Inauguration.

About Jost:

JOST HOUK is always on the cutting edge of photography. When he sees an image, Jost doesn't look at it as face value but what the image could be. “Imagine the image in your mind and soul” Jost says when he photographs an image. Besides his black and white work, Jost takes color and brings it to a new level in his Photographic Art. Bright colors are usually prominent in his work. What most people see with the naked eye, Jost Houk clothes the eye with beauty with his artistic touch of photographic editing. Much of his work is done to capture the image as if an oil painting or a masterful work of art.

As a German-American child in the great American Midwest, Jost would spend hours drawing and painting the landscape of the cornfields of Indiana. He has since expanded his talents to photography and with his editing talents as he creates works of Art for all to enjoy. Jost has spent most of his adult life in Tampa, Florida, as you can see his influence of nature and the ocean beaches in many of his works. Jost has worked many years in public relations field and also the television news industry. He is a graduate of Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts and for the past few years, Jost has made his home in Washington, DC. He loves the history, political realm of the city and the international flair that our nation’s capitol has to offer.

Jost is ecstatic for the unveiling of his photographic series of “Historic Washington, DC Theatres”. Each piece was photographed, masterfully designed with a touched of bright colors and given a brushstroke finish to give each piece to give it a modern artistic life to each historic theatre. Jost will also be showing his Black and White work along with other masterful colored photographic work.

Jost’s work has been shown in the elite Galleries of Washington’s Georgetown and in the Galleries along Florida’s beaches. You will find his work in the homes across America to the homes of Europe.

Signed/Limited Edition and commissioned work is available, He also offers wholesale pricing for Posters for large quantities. Please inquire. Besides Jost Artistic Photography,he also features his mother, Carolyn Shireman original oil paintings on this website

Jost can be found traveling the world to bring you his Photographic Art. He hopes each piece will fill your soul with thoughts of intrigue and peace of mind. Always remember, “Imagine the Image” as you walk through life. Don’t look at life what it is, but rather what it could be…..

Washington, DC - United States

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