Monday, 24 February 2014

by LLaura Burge

President Barack Obama

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Laura has always had an interest in the arts at an early age, Laura was encouraged by her parents to pursue her passion, namely drawing and painting.

Growing up in a Christian home, she began to understand the blessings of living in a faith-filled environment, and recognized her ability to paint to be a gift from God.

She started drawing at the age of seven using a color pencil set her mother purchased as a gift. Since her udergraduate studies in Fine Art Laura has had opportunity to learn classic lessons during her Fine Arts studies.

As you look into the heart of each of Laura’s paintings and drawings you will began to understand her desire that the viewer not only see a captivating piece of art, but also, through it receive a message of hope, and a sense of God's love for all good things.

Silver Spring, MD - United States

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